Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wish List

As Christmas time is approaching I have received a couple of emails asking me what they could send me for Christmas.

Here is a wish list that I have compiled;

Coffee- ground for French press
Puzzles- (1000 piece- I got some cold winter months to kill!)
Flaming hot Cheetos
Teeth whitening strips
Herbal teas
Ranch dress seasoning packets
Seasoning packets for things like tacos, chili, soups, ect.
Travel money- I’m planning a trip to Uzbekistan- please send this one to my parents!

This is my mailing address so you can just print this out and tape it onto the package. Also if you can find the muslim symbol (its just a cresent moon and star) on the internet and stick/draw that onto the package as well that is suppose to deter tampering.

715612 Jalalabat city
Toktagul Road
House 7, Apt. 11
Martha Haddock

715612 г. Жалалабат
Переулок Токтогула
Дом 7 КВ 11
Хэддок Марта

I really appreciate the warm thoughts that people have been sending me!

All my love,


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